Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The last movie I saw in theaters was I Am Legend. I saw this movie on Christmas Eve with my little brother Jack, my dad and my three uncles. It is kind of family tradition. I thought the movie was really scary, but then again I was the only screaming in the whole theater. I thought it was a really good movie, but I also am the type of movie watcher who thinks just about any movie is good. The movie is about Will Smith and his dog that are the only living beans in the city of Manhattan. The reason why they are the only living ones left on the island is because a women thought she found the cure for caner but in the end it ended up killing over 6,000,000 people. Will spends day after day to try and find why these people died but it takes him his whole life to figure out why. Will and his dog finally come along humans who were still living with the disease. There are other living things on the island, but they don’t want to help Will and his dog. They want to kill them, but they can only come out when is sun is down. Will finds a way to capture one of these odd living things and does experiment after experiment trying to help it survive. Towards the end of the movie a woman and her son come to help Will and his dog. Will and his dog end up dying but they find a cure to fix the humans still infected with the disease and Will is remembered as a hero.

Critics say that I am Legend was a horrible movie. The reasons why this movie had such a bad review were because of the ending. In the end of the movie Will Smith found his butterfly to cure the people. But by curing the others he had to give his own life to do so. After he died the cure was then brought to a place of healthy people who survived the disease in the first place. Will was remembered as a hero from then on. Critics said that the ending was not well though up and that it let movie viewers hanging. The critics also say that the movie was taken from a few other movies but the movie didn’t give any credit to the movies before this one.

On the other side, critics said the movie was never boring. The movie was full of action from killing and helicopters blowing up. I agree with that statement and thought the movie was very good. I loved every minuet of the movie and I don’t think the movie gets enough credit.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

After typing to do this my 5th time i give up.

This is from the movie Georgia Rule and the two girls are getting into a fight over the hottie in the town. Bewteen the two girls there is one cut to another cut. Also it is filmed in a close up shot to show how emotional it was. The two girls are fights and when Lindsay Lohan says "I will Fuck your boyfriends stupid" she wasnt serious she was just trying to get her point across.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

my favorite movie

My favortie movie is the Curious George Movie.

The Curious George movie is about a little movie who was brought here by luck from africa. He follows around the man in the yellow hat. The man in the yellow hat when to Africa in search for a statue to save his uncles museum. His search was successful but some extra baggage came along to. Curious George follewed Ted around the city until Ted turned him into animal potrol. Once Ted gave up Curious George he finally realised how much he meant to him. Ted when all the way back to Africa in search of his monkey. He was succesful once again and the lived happily ever after until George went out on another misson into space...

Curious George is my favorite movie because he is so cute. He is the most loveable little baby moneky in the whole wide world. He doesnt talk but his cute little smiles get me everytime. He travels around the city looking for new adventure. I also love this movie because Jack Johnson made the album for the movie. Jack Johnson is one of my favorite musicians and he made the soundtrack for the whole movie. I fall asleep to his album everynight while i sleep with my baby Curious George. After seeing this movie my respect for the little monkey grew to a new level. I now have over 15 monkeys in my room that i sleep with every night. I love Georgie more than any other monkey and I know my kids will too.

Critics say...Its short and sweet. Its a family movie for everyone. Its for kids and adults. The fun little moneky has so much personalitly and wins everyones heart with his smiles. Curious Georges smiling face makes little toddlers make "cooing noises". The simple plot of the movie makes it fun for everyone to watch and keeps the movie flowing. The humor in the movie is not just for the little ones, but Curious makes everyone laugh even adults. Everyone loves the little monkey!

new blog.

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